Friday, November 17, 2006

Weird Bird Friday

I'm taking my lead from Caz's Duck Friday this week. (There is definitely an advantage in being able to view Australia's Animal Friday blogs on Thursday afternoon this side of the dateline.) Here's a political Weird Bird Friday. I found this picture on an old Aging Hipsters post with the title, "Big Bird, We Hardly Knew Ye."

"President Rove" as the Aging Hipster calls him
(and his mouthpiece, George Bush).

The Aging Hipster had some ideas of what the Republicans might do to PBS:

  • Bert and Ernie are sent off to a gulag (obviously gay)

  • Big Bird is hosting a new show titled "Living Right" (you're never too young to be a good little republican)

  • "Nova" does a hard-hitting series on "The Big Ozone Lie"

  • "Antiques Road Show" goes to the national parks to do valuations on ancient timber and oil for big business.

  • "The McNeil Lehrer Hour" isn't cancelled but renamed "The McNeil Lehrer 30 Seconds." (programming note: new time, 3AM)

  • --Drunkawife

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