Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beautiful spam

Machine-generated poet Elizabeth Shepherd e-mails this contribution to the Drunkablog spam poetry series (of one):

Sick laugh years

Yards thou lay anta.

Your drunk talk clean;

Most voice prose is

Low Greek.

The Drunkablog knows poetry.

Update: Broncos up by six with 11 minutes left. Chargers threatening.

Update II: Chargers try not to score for a play (don't see that very often), then do. Up by eight with 1:14 left.

Update III: Broncos at the Chargers' 32, 24 seconds left. Chargers trying to lose by penalties. Can't do it. Chargers 35, Broncos 27. Not good. Fans walking past our house from Invesco Field will be in a bad mood, which means trash in the yard tomorrow morning. Hey, I'm a sociologist!

Update IV: Quite the rogues' gallery, that Dead Sociologists' Index, what what?

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