Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Note to self: Card for Mao or else!

Somehow I missed the 13th anniversary (the 24th) of Comrade Gonzales' "Speech From The Cage." Very dangerous. If MIM finds out they'll struggle me.

And October 1 is the 56th anniversary of the liberation of China! How could I forget? Cindy and Joel are having a potluck. Guess I'll bring green bean casserole again. I mean, China was re-enslaved by capitalism after Mao died, so no reason to get fancy.

Now that I'm looking there's a ton of MIM holidays coming up: October 15, anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party; November 6, anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution; and November 12, Martyrs' Day in Afghanistan (get balloons). Oh no, Stalin's birthday is December 21, and Mao's is December 26, the day after Christmas! I'm sick of the holiday season already.

Update: as part of Drunkablog's effort to become a better "service" blog, here's a link to gifts for that special someone on Mao's birthday!

Update II: Great line in the Stalin birthday page: "Today defending Stalin does not reflect any obsession with any particular detail of history."

Update III: Mark in Mexico says, Happy birthday, China! (via "Free Speech Is Only for Uber-Libs" on this LGF thread.

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