Saturday, September 24, 2005

Moonbats lay giant egg

Everybody and his dog is going to post (Billy Bob's proofing his piece right now) about the evil and pathetic "anti-war march" in D.C. today. So am I. But the left's utter debacle actually extends back to Thursday, to the start of the C-Span-covered Town Hall Meeting on Poverty, a sort of Democrat kick-off to the march. A few points about that first.

The line-up, as you can see, featured the usual preening idiots plus two from the preening non-idiot category, Hillary and Barack.

But poor Hillary. She had to sit right next to Harry Belafonte through a huge hunk of his standard rant. Somehow though, and incredibly luckily for Hill, the camera seemed to forget she was there while Harry spoke, and showed the two in the same shot at most twice, while keeping tight tight tight on Harry as he said that:

  • the Democrat Party is "wrecked" and "ravaged";

  • he was looking for a "second party" because right now there's only one party, and it has only "various grays of difference [sic]";

  • since the civil rights movement blacks have been "integrating into a burning house";

  • (except for the first and last quotes this is a paraphrase) "Our foreign policy has made a wreck of this planet." . . . I'm always in Africa and see America's paws of oppression on every wall. . . . We don't need an independent commission to tell us about the evil Bushies [Hill had announced the "Katrina Commission"]. Halliburton, Davis-Bacon, setting browns against blacks . . . . Let George Bush and the Christian right know that "their legs have been amputated. I rest my case."
  • Har got a standing O from the audience for this compendium of wisdom, but once again the camera inexplicably didn't show what was happening onstage. Hill truly leads a charmed life.

    Brave new commies

    So that was fun to watch. Today, though, we were really witnesses to history as the American left finally found its well-earned self-destruction. And the whole world was watching. Well, maybe not. But a few of my favorite moments:

  • All the speakers who greeted the crowd with the cry, "Comrades!"

  • Cyn. McKin.

  • the mega-lies about the size of the crowd while

  • the crowd drifted away

  • Rev. Jessie comparing Mother Dimbulb to Harriet Tubman and Helen Keller. "We thank you for being our shining light in the darkness."

  • Mother Dimbulb

  • Raging grannies

  • Brian Becker and the Bushitler helicopters.

  • Muslims ranting against Israel

  • Keffiya mania

  • "The Wall Must Fall"

  • All the speakers from liberation movements no one's ever heard of

  • "From the river to the sea"

  • Muslims ranting against Israel

  • And my favorite moment:

  • "Meet at the socialist liberation tent!"

    Life can be good.

  • Update: Via commenter Kilgore Trout at LGF, the Kos Kidz are eating their own heads.

    Update II: Protest pics from Reflections of a Libertarian Independent and Instapundit.

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