Monday, September 19, 2005

All over the place

Feel like I haven't posted in a month. Another tenant rebellion, sad to say, and therefore many emergency meetings of the landlord association (of which the Drunkablog is president) to attend. We were somewhat unprepared, but through earnest negotiations got things under control.

Update: Movie Trivia Time: What seminal fillum are the "rebellion" and "landlord association" frames stolen from? (Answer here.)

Update II: A couple of different covers of Churchill's book and CD Pacifism as Pathology. Notice that both CDs have Churchill's title wrong--Pacifism and Pathology. A rhetorical question: Did Churchill see these before they were printed? Duh. It's as telling as that on his CU web page the jerk has (probably for years) misspelled the name of the school he got his degrees from.

Update III: Pirate Ballerina comes to Churchill's defense! Well, sort of. The tutu-ed parrot-wearer points out in an e-mail that on his CDs Churchill is merely riffing on his book, so the "and" in the titles may well have been intentional. Arrrgh.

Update IV: On his blog PB also points out the undeniable triviality of the Churchill misspellings and/or typos scandal. He's right, but don't forget, this is a scholar noted for his meticulous and exhaustive documentation.

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