Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Galloway v. Medved

George Galloway on Medved right now: "I have rather better sources of information within the [Iraq] insurgency [than the U.S. or western media]." No doubt.

The little blowhole is quick, all right. He's had Medved back on his heels several times, but his continual claim that Medved has consulted only "Israeli websites" about him instead of reading the Grauniad, etc., is pretty sickening. The grain of truth in it is that Medved, like the Senate panel that questioned Galloway, took him too lightly and wasn't quite ready for Galloway's southpaw style.

Update: Amid the usual facile crap about hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, "rogue states" and the like, Galloway called Medved a "disk jockey."

Update II: Now he just called him "Steve," which is much worse. Slick little freak.

Update III: Hate to say it but Galloway beat 'ol Steve Medved like a busted bongo.

Update IV: Short thread (for LGF) on Galloway and Medved. No one picked up on the "Steve," but most agree Medved lost bad. Galloway's arguments were in no way compelling, of course, but he was ready and Medved wasn't.

Update V: Misnumbered my updates. Fixed now. Yeesh.

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