Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ho-quo demands attention

Randolph hurrried to tell his mother what he had heard about Gilbert's loss of employment. He knew well enough her feeling toward his father's ward to feel sure that it would be welcome intelligence.

"Detected in stealing money!" ejaculated Mrs. Briggs, triumphantly. "Just what I predicted all along. I am not often deceived about character."

"I never heard you predict it, mother." said Randolph.

--From Shifting for Himself, (early 20th century according to this site; 1876 according to Alger's entry in the Online Encyclopedia Project).

(Gilbert from the Franklin Institute Online; medium from; ear trumpet lady from the Horatio Alger, Jr., Digital Repository at Northern Illinois University (which also offers a Horatio Alger Fellowship for the Study of American Popular Culture).

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