Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back from Ho-atus! The Ho-quo!

(More Horatio Alger quotes o' the week here, here, here, und hier.)

IT was Harold's first theft, and he trembled with agitation as he thrust the pocketbook into his pocket. He would have trembled still more if he had known that his mother's confidential maid and seamstress, Felicie Lacouvreur, had seen everything through the crevice formed by the half-open door.

Felicie smiled to herself as she moved noiselessly away from her post of concealment.

"Master Harold is trying a dangerous experiment," she said to herself. "Now he is in my power. He has been insolent to me more than once, as if, forsooth, he were made of superior clay, but Felicie, though only a poor servant, is not, thank Heaven, a thief, as he is." From Luke Walton, or, the Chicago Newsboy (1889).

Credits (now with more semicolons!): Picture of Harold played by a daguerreotype of Alferd Packer from ("For Your Daily Dose of the Wild West"); Harold's mother played by the ever-versatile Mother Watson; really cool sycamore and headstone thing by Dan Ladd; poor molested servant from the Newgate Calendar, part of the wonderful site Ex-classics, which makes available both online and for download, yes, ex-classics in the public domain.

Lump o' Updates: My "research" for this post led me to two cookbooks, Alferd Packer's Wilderness Cookbook, and Alferd Packer's High-Protein Cookbook. In no way does Drunkablog endorse either; the titles are funny, is all. I guess. Neither does he endorse "Amino Power," and the link to it above is not intended as a product placement.

It could be, though. Your product or service in the Ho-quo, where it'll reach thousands of gouged-out eyes every week. Sound good? Contact my outreach manager at the Drunkablog e-mail address that's probably somewhere on this site!

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