Thursday, September 22, 2005

Must . . . quit . . . listening . . .

Michael Medved spent the first hour of his radio show yesterday acknowledging (sort of) his listeners' horror at the disastrously passive interview he had with George Galloway Tuesday. He also, of course, got in a lot of punches at Galloway he wouldn't or couldn't get in then.

But on his blog he's much worse. In a post titled "Subhuman Vermin George Galloway," Medved says nothing about his obvious lack of preparation for the little rat bastard, but instead resorts to the kind of language of which Galloway has long been absolute master.

Medved's first sentence: "Treacherous dictator-suck-up George 'Guttersnipe' Galloway oozes into the Medved Show studio (still reeking from the stench of his slime trail, I'm sure) to peddle his villainy and vitriol."

Well, howdy-do to you, too. But too late, Steve (see second update). When Galloway was actually there, you never touched him. And you're pissed about it.

So today, in an apparent effort to sharpen up his debating skills, Medved scheduled a small idiot from the anti-war group Breasts not Bombs (who are going to be at the D.C. protest this weekend) and beat her up. Oh, she deserved it, mainly but not solely for calling herself a "sacred clown," but jeez, Medved, pick on someone your own size.

Redemption? Like he needs it?

But Medved at least has the guts to link to the LGF thread about Galloway's appearance, which is overwhelmingly negative; hell, commenters on his own blog are negative too:

I have never listened to Mr. Medved before so I came in with no prejudices except that I had heard that he was a right wing guy, my kind of guy. What I got was one of the most embarrassing butt kickings I have ever listened to on the radio. I am not sure if Mr Medved was distracted or simply not very intelligent but the Brit cleaned his clock. Mr Medved is certainly not a journalist, and obviously not a brain surgeon, maybe he should stick to reviewing the new Reese Witherspoon movie because his grasp of intelligent discussion is seriously lacking.

Pretty much. But it's up on Medved's site for all to see, unedited.

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