Sunday, August 28, 2005

Turquoise Lake

Took almost no pics of it. Too tired. There was a "team-building" or "workshop" for liquor store clerks and/or managers in the space next to us, and they brought a full van o'booze to ensure accurate results on the Meyers-Briggs test, which I learned takes 48 hours to administer.

It was not edifying. But the Drunkablog's father-in-law, who is somewhat deaf, said in mitigation that he thought the boys held a church service this morning. He was probably kidding.

Continuing education or religious worship? Liquor store clerks and managers role-played as their customers (4th paragraph).

Oh, here's a picture of the far side of the lake, anyway:

Purty: but it was made by damming a tributary of the Arkansas near Leadville.

Leadville is also home to the long-closed Climax Molybdenum Mine, which has a litte exhibit of old mine equipment across the highway from it:

Cute little 'dozer (l); big ugly mine (r).

According to the Summit Daily News, the mine, after 18 years, may reopen.

Last, almost home, the D-a-W pointed out this sign on Federal near Colfax:

We decided against stopping in for a "look-see." A visit to this Family Fun Center probably earns your family a (court-ordered) visit to the Family No-Fun Center next door:

No package deals, though.

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