Tuesday, August 09, 2005

To the river!

Just a month now before your daredevil blogger lodges himself in a "canoe" and paddles crazily down the White Cliffs section of the Missouri River in, inexplicably, Montana.

This is a new river for our little group, but as always in the wilderness Drunkablog intends to maintain the nature-revering nobility of spirit of Edward Abbey, only drunker.

The imminence of the trip means, naturally, more posting about it--maybe even, God help you, something about these ginks. A meditation, perhaps. Yeah, that sounds good. A meditation on the meaning of Lewis and Clark to, like, us, today, living in, you know, society. Today. You know? Meanwhile, this will cheer you up:

Kootchy-koo: 'Cause nobody doesn't like Space Alien Baby.

Bonus: Here's Space Alien Baby posing with Norman Nevills during the 1940 "Nevills Expedition" down the Green and Colorado rivers.

His fame shall endure: Trailblazing felon Norman Nevills etches "Nevills Expedition" into an exquisite panel of Green River petroglyphs. Jerk.

Barry Goldwater was on that 1940 trip. He talked about it in a 1994 interview in the sadly defunct Boatman's Quarterly Review, the journal of the Grand Canyon River Guides.

Update: Map from the superb Belknap Canyonlands River Guide.

Update II: A collection of photos from various Nevills expeditions: The Nevills collection.

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