Saturday, August 06, 2005

Head rolls in Rocky plagiarism flap

To coin a phrase. Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple said yesterday that a July 16 editorial which "inappropriately duplicated" parts of a Daily Howler post on the Joe Wilson affair did not meet the "standards of the News." Temple quotes one of the offending paragraphs, but once again avoids linking to the editorial itself, or even to his blog post on the matter.

Deputy editorial page editor Thom Beal, who wrote the editorial, has resigned.

(via RockyWatch, who points out that Temple sure took his time on this.)

Update: Corrupt sheriff: Who are you, stranger?

Stranger: My name is Standards--Standards of the News.

Update II: "Many more questions": 5280's Friday flap roundup. which has a link to the original News editorial, which means I have to figure out if the News posted the editorial again or I just screwed up in claiming they had removed it in the first place.

Hey, I'm no reporter. Unless it benefits me. Then, I'm a reporter.

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