Thursday, August 18, 2005

A fist cannon for Hunter

The Rocky reports that Hunter Thompson's ashes are being flown to Aspen, where they will be mixed with fireworks and fired over his ranch. "Based on . . . comments [Thompson made] in a 1978 BBC documentary, fireworks launchers will arc his ashes from a 153-foot structure capped by a double-thumbed, red Fiberglas fist."

So while the whole ceremony sounds creepy and sad, Hunter will at least be broadcast skyward by the world's greatest powerfist. Dignity, always dignity.

Update: Drunkablog will link to any decent picture of The Fist.

Update II: Well no fist, but oooooh: kaboom.

Update III: Thought he died years ago:
Ralph Steadman, who illustrated many of Thompson's works, had a different take on the extravaganza. "He'd probably say it wasn't quite big enough," said Steadman. "We want him back. (Saturday night) was a kind of pleading for him to come back. All is forgiven."
All is forgiven? That sounds strange.

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