Friday, August 12, 2005

Dubious wisdom from Arts and Letters Daily

"You are what you eat, and that includes YOUR BRAIN."-- From Denis Dutton's intro to a New Scientist article, "Eleven steps to a better BRAIN." Look, it'd be nice to stave off senility and all, but this is a dangerous idea. One should never just willy-nilly eat one's own BRAIN, no matter how seductive the command to do so. Instead, a visit to one's doctor is called for.

(brain-lover's site via the Apostropher)

Update: Earlier post exhibiting obsession with the sorta sweet, kinda nutty taste of BRAINS (nutritious, too!), here.

Update II: The Ape review from The Outerfield.

Update III: Here's an odd-sounding double feature: The Ape/British Intelligence.

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