Monday, August 08, 2005

Excitement repressed

It's Drunkablog's six-month blogiversary. Whoo!

Oh, sorry: Hoo!

Here's my first post. Oddly, it's about Ward Churchill*.

Reaction to Drunkablog in the media has been overwhelming. The New Republic enthused, "Drunkablog will have you up all night talking to a suicide hotline"; The New York Times gibbered, "Drunkablog is riveting my feet to the floor. Help!"; and The New York Review of Books squealed that Drunkablog is "the blog to help you look--and feel--your best!"

*"Who?" you ask. No. Whoo. Then Hoo.

Update: In researching this essay Drunkablog ran across a Telegraph column on book-reviewer jargon: Circle of cliches. Laugh-out-loud funny.

Update II: Whoo-hoo!

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