Thursday, August 11, 2005

More easy laughs

By way of high-school-kid writing, from a survey of participants in a city program that put them in (mostly their first) summer job.

One question, naturally enough, was, "What would you change about the program?" Lots of "NEWBoss!!" and "Dont have to get up so irly!!!!" of course, but one kid answered, somewhat worryingly, "That we don't go to the fish building." Turned out all the kids went to the fish building last year. No idea what was so traumatic about it for this kid.

Another question: "What have you learned while working on your summer job? BE SPECIFIC!!!" To which one go-getting young employee replied, "I learned how to pay utilities, make small purchases, and do full audits."

Update: The D-a-W remembers another: Question: "How will this job help you in the future?" Answer: "This job will help me in the future because I'll understand the behind-the-scenes of running a city."

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