Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Teach your children

The Rocky's Vince Carroll notes a new course being tried at CU that may end up being required for all incoming freshpersyns:

And what a doozy it is, too. Students who can’t fix within 50 years the beginning of the Civil War — and believe me, they exist — would be required to immerse themselves in the latest theories regarding “white privilege”; they would consider such questions as “Am I My Parents’ Values?” They would contemplate the CU code of conduct, while mulling the “moral/ethical and behavior consequences of actions regarding alcohol, sexual assault/harassment.” . . .

The neglect of academic content, however, is hardly the course’s worst fault. It is also Orwellian in the way it tries to reorient students’ social and political views, at least as regards race and gender. On those issues the perspective is akin to what might be expected in a politicized ethnic studies department — based upon the syllabus published in the Boulder Daily Camera (and from which the course content cited above was plucked).

Not that this bothers student body President Hadley Brown. “This is something I think is sorely needed,” she told the Daily Camera. “So many students at CU lack multicultural education and education about white privilege.”

Update: In his previous column Carroll notes that leftist historian Howard Zinn (whose work is ubiquitous on college campuses) has signed on to the 9/11 truther movement.

Update II: First link went to the wrong place. Fixed now.

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