Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One-year suspension for Churchill?

The Post:
The attorney for University of Colorado ethnic-studies professor Ward Churchill said Tuesday that the committee reviewing his academic misconduct case has recommended a one-year suspension rather than dismissal.

"We feel any discipline is not warranted, but at least (the committee members are) moving in the right direction," said Churchill attorney David Lane. "This will make it more difficult for Hank Brown and the regents to fire him."

The Privilege and Tenure Committee on May 8 gave its report to CU president Hank Brown, who has 15 business days to consider the case record. He could advise firing Churchill, closing the case, or another punishment short of termination.

The chairman of the committee, CU-Denver math professor Weldon Lodwick, said he could not comment.
Not much point in spekalatin. If Brown, unlike anybody else involved in the process, makes his decision in a timely way (and publicly), we should know next week.

(via PB)

Update: Okay, just a little spekalatin. If the report is true, would Hank Brown dare ignore the committee's recommendation? If not, would Lane and Churchill go forward with a lawsuit for a mere one-year suspension? Both sides could claim (partial) victory and (from CU's point of view) avoid all kinds of hassle, bad publicity and expense. Hmpf.

Update II: A commenter at PB: "If Churchill gets a one-year suspension it will confirm God's intent to punish Churchill AND CU. God knows they both deserve it."

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