Thursday, May 17, 2007


MIM has issued instructions on the proper "line" toward the 7 + 2 profs' charges against the Churchill investigating committee:

On May 8 a University of Colorado committee recommended that Ward Churchill be suspended for a year, not fired.(1) . . .

On May 10, several University of Colorado professors and experts in indigenous studies filed a crushing rejoinder to the nonsense against Ward Churchill so far. Responding to a report that called for discipline against Ward Churchill, several professors accused the accusers of research misconduct themselves.

The fireworks are just getting started. If the reactionaries continue to press this matter, they will have to be taught some lessons. . . .

They always threaten that. And they always include too many words in their links.

Lynne Cheney organized ACTA (American Council of Trustees and Alumni). What Ms.-Halliburton-on-the-Federal-Dole-Moneybags [oh, that'll catch on] has noticed is that the professors not tightly tied to the federal government already are the most critical of the government. So ACTA and David Horowitz have launched a criminal conspiracy against Ward Churchill's civil rights with the hope of mopping up the minority of professors still deluded into thinking they are in a university that is not an extension of the government. . . .

Meanwhile . . . federal agents are criticizing MIM, spreading rumors about MIM from FBI files and using taxpayer money to do so--in retaliation for Ward Churchill's criticism of the federal government.

They always say that, too.
How the Cheneyites want the university to work is that a would-be professor donates money to the Cheney campaign. Then he gets a professor's seat, taken from the Ward Churchills kicked out. Next the professor works to churn out students for the Department of Defense. So the good ones go to work for Navy intelligence or the like, with recommendations from professors who make donations to the Cheney campaign, under officials who of course also donated to the Cheney campaign.
Bwahahahah--uh-oh, chest pains.
The University of Colorado is land-locked but it has such a history, even with the Navy: "East Asian language training became firmly established at CU-Boulder during World War II, when the Boulder campus served as the site of the U.S. Navy's Japanese language school. . . .
Glenn Morris thought it suspicious that landlocked Colorado honored Columbus too. Literal-minded yonks, aren't they?
The growth of parasitism has reached a point where people such as Lynne Cheney are outraged when some people actually think not all thought should serve the interests of contractors for the federal government. How dare people such as Ward Churchill and Ron Paul say that 9/11 was the fault of the government, not an excuse to expand the government. . . .
Ward Churchill and Ron Paul, together at last! But this is MIM, so they have to tie everything up in a little red bow:
In Mao's Cultural Revolution, the universities also faced politicization. The difference is that the Cheney/Horowitz politicization serves the military, the growth of the military-industrial complex. Mao sent college professors and college students . . . to serve the peasants in the countryside, only to have countless negative accounts about the Cultural Revolution written by resentful intellectuals [ungrateful wretches!]. Mao's concern for the countryside helped China double its life expectancy and establish rural businesses that evened out the situation of economic development in the country. The activities of the Lynne Cheneys just expand the central government's parasitism.
"[T]he Maoist International Movement have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published"--you know who.

Oops, forgot the all-important note!