Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Drunkablog calls it!

No, not the date the decision on Ward Churchill will be announced. I think Noj called that one (if the AP story linked in the post below is right). [Update: it was "CU Ph.D Anthro" who called it]. But I am freaking clair de voyant anyway. The News: "Columbus Day critics denounce 'political cowardice'":

They have gone to jail, written letters to the editor, and spoken at schools. Yet those who want to repeal the state’s Columbus Day holiday have been unsuccessful.

So Tuesday, they held a press conference on the steps of the Capitol, denouncing state leaders for not taking action.

Their "political cowardice," said American Indian Movement of Colorado member Glenn Morris, "has set the stage for additional conflict."

Now that might just be construed as a threat, but like I said, AIM et. al need this one to be a biggie.

Gov. Bill Ritter, who was among those singled out by name, was not immediately available for comment.

Those who want to repeal the holiday said they will not give up, and expect thousands of people from across the country to come to Colorado to protest the holiday this year. . . .

Protestors accuse the explorer of rape and genocide when he came this continent in 1492. Italians see the holiday as an issue of pride for someone they view as a hero.

Oh, those poor benighted "Italians."

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