Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Homeless roundup planned for Dem convention

Yeehaw! AP story in the Post:

Denver plans to clear homeless people from downtown during the Democratic National Convention next summer, opening an emergency shelter that's normally used only in the winter.

Other cities that have hosted conventions have launched similar efforts. But Roxane White, the city's human services manager, said the move is based on security concerns and isn't just about improving the Mile High City's image. . . .


The convention will be held at the Pepsi Center downtown, and security zone [sic] will include the South Platte River banks and underpasses where homeless people often camp.
True story: One time a friend was riding his bike on the bike path along the Platte. It was night. Suddenly, bump bump! crash! He had run over a bum lying passed out across the path in the dark. Amazingly, neither bum was hurt.

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