Monday, May 21, 2007


Such a useless sacrifice for the little trees who gave their lives to make this newspaper. Front page banner headline: "Density for R1 proposed." A zoning story. Again. Key sentence: "Such an infill development would require rezoning to PUD." The reporter and editor on this story (same person, of course) need to be rezoned to PUD, that's for sure. But a good historic Denver pic this week:

A large roller soaster and lots of bad luck. Historical note: with apologies to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Billy Bob has almost certainly pooped exactly where each of these people was standing 116 years ago.

Northwestern shore of the lake today.

For years Denver Public Schools has run the Shakespeare Festival, during which thousands of kids in costume stand on every streetcorner downtown performing hunks of the 'tard, er, bard. The NDT has a pic:

King Leer, eh? Who's the kid next to him, the Duke of Gropecester? (pronounced "Gropster").

The D-a-W and I lived across the street from Brown International Baccalaureate Elementary School back when it was plain old Brown Elementary. The IB program, you will not be surprised to learn, is very keen on "teaching across disciplines" and "sharing the planet."

Trivia! Brown is 74 percent "Hispanic," seven percent "Pacific Islander," seven percent "American Indian or Alaska Native" and six and five percent respectively "White" and "Black." Wild.

Update: Yes I've run the picture of Smelly Slob before.

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