Tuesday, May 08, 2007


'"He is a man of little significance and I have bigger issue [sic] to worry about like the 2008 DNC and the 100th anniversary of the racist Columbus Day holiday in Denver!'"--Glen Spagnuolo, Ward Churchill pal, longtime protestor against the Denver Columbus Day Parade and co-founder or whatever of Recreate68 ("Do it in Denver!"), the organization planning to protest (i.e., disrupt) the Democratic National Convention in 2008, on radio yakker, lawyer and prospective U.S. Senate candidate Dan Caplis, who dropped his suit for slander against Spagnuolo last week.

That took forever to say, and like Spagnuolo I have bigger issue to worry about: the last couple of anti-Columbus Day protests have been very tame, so what might the somewhat misleadingly named TransformColumbusDay folks feel obliged to do this year (as Spags points out the 100th anniversary of the Columbus Day celebration in Denver) in order to top their performance in 2004? Might Churchill and his pallies think this was a good opportunity for some of that domestic terrori--sorry, warfare--they're always calling for?

All I know is, there's going to be lots of grist for the Drunkamill. Sorry about that.

Update: with Ben Whitmer as Joey Bishop!

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