Friday, May 04, 2007

Since we mentioned Peoria

and it's Friday night, let's have one each from the three fine old-time radio series that took place in fictional or unnamed towns in Central Illinois near Peoria.

First up, Fibber McGee and Molly. Haven't heard this one yet (except to make sure the sound was good) but it's from early 1942, and the show was hitting on six then. This one's called "Fibber thinks he's being followed by a spy" (5/12/42). (Update: the patriotic song in the middle is just bearable.)

Next, maybe the first "spinoff" show in history, The Great Gildersleeve. What it spun off of will be evident. This is the first show, "Gildersleeve arrives in Summerfield" (8/31/41).

And finally, of course, the great Vic and Sade: "Broken alarm clocks" (10/31/41). (The show took place in the (unnamed) town of Bloomington, Illinois.)

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