Wednesday, February 14, 2007


From the 1/7/69 Look I posted a while ago:

"For the armies of the impoverished, unknown to themselves, are already divided. Once victorious over the wealthy West--if ever!-- they could only have a new war. It would take place between those forces on their side who are programmatic, scientific, more or less Socialist, and near maniac in their desire to bring technological culture at the fastest possible rate into every backward land, and those more traditional and/or primitive forces in the revolution of the Third World who reject not only the exploitation of the Western world but reject the West as well, in toto, as a philosophy, a culture, a technique, as a way indeed of even attempting to solve the problems of man himself"--Normie.

Nitwit that he is, Normie foresaw a real split in the left that's evident today. What he didn't foresee is people like Glenn Morris and Ward Churchill (and their, yes, ilk), who manage to have it both ways, rejecting the West as a philosophy and a culture while taking space at its very tippy-top to hurl (or rather, girlie-toss) imprecations down on it, and to advocate Rousseauian fantasies through every technological means they can. Beeeezarre.

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