Thursday, February 08, 2007

Non-gay pastor settles with church, pledges to keep mouth shut

Ted Haggard got the ol' golden handshake from his ex-church, says the News' Jean Torkelson:

Ted Haggard and the church he founded and led for two decades have reached a settlement that includes a financial package and a pledge by Haggard not to talk about the scandal that destroyed his ministry . . . .

She said "package."

Haggard, one of the nation's most prominent evangelical leaders, stunned his 14,000-member church and created a worldwide buzz when he admitted last November to purchasing drugs and to sexual immorality involving a male prostitute.

Leaving Colorado Springs was part of the agreement between Haggard and the church. Haggard has also agreed to continue therapy wherever the family settles, according to the Rev. H.B. London, Jr., one of the members of Haggard's restoration team.

[Associate pastor Rob] Brendle said such formal agreements are typically sought with anyone who leaves the church's employ . . . .

Odd quote:

Brendle said that a church overseer's characterization this week that Haggard believed himself to be "completely heterosexual" was meant to communicate the idea that, "Ted's choice is to be married to his wife and love her and be married to her for the rest of his life."

And not have anal sex with men anymore. Right? Anybody? Bueller?

"Human sexuality is a complicated issue [oh, Storme Shannon Aerisooooooon!] and ultimately the only one who can know for sure is Ted, and speculation about that is fruitless," Brendle said.

He said "fruitless."

"The three-week counseling program was a beginning, not an end. The facility where Ted and Gayle went is a reputable secular psychological treatment center which aimed to help him understand what's going on inside of him," Brendle said. "We recognize the restoration process is one not of months, but of years."

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