Friday, February 16, 2007

Otra victoria para el socialismo!

No wait, I meant look out below:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened to nationalize supermarkets that sell meat above the government-set price as his administration struggles to stem a surge in the cost of basic foodstuffs.

Chavez told a gathering of pensioners Wednesday in Caracas, Venezuela, he's waiting for the "first excuse" to take over butcher shops and supermarket chains that manipulate stockpiles of beef and other foods to artificially boost prices. The government blamed manipulators for a 4 percent surge in the cost of food in January that pushed inflation to the fastest in two years.

"If they continue to violate the interests of the people, I'm going to take the meat markets and supermarkets," Chavez said. "I'll nationalize them."

Good thing nobody doesn't like chicken feet.

Update: Man, Hugo is really pushing it:
Some private companies are also concerned about President Chavez's intention to make them allow their employees time during the working day to study socialism.
That'll make for a lively break room.

(via Tim Blair)

Update II: Over his own imagined love-line, Z-net's veteran Hugo-hummer Michael Albert asks the dictator-in-training, Will you be my valentine?:
[W]hat if the person whose views you want to hear is not only incredibly open in his or her demeanor, and incredibly thoughtful by reputation, but also part of a process committed to seeking advocacy from all directions? And what if you think - whether you are deluded in this or not [sic]- that your questions are right up the person's alley [sic], in this case Chavez or other folks participating in the Bolvarian Revolution, and are key to your and others advocacy? If so, how about floating your questions out into cyber space, hoping for the best.
And float the questions do, on waves of pure love:
Hugo Chavez says he wants to build twenty first century socialism. He decries market relations. He excoriates capitalism. His innovative approaches to popular political and economic decision making and his prioritization of radicalized health, education, and other human services also inspire great hope. But beyond claims and short term policies, where is the Bolivarian Revolution going?
While you're thinking, Hugo, have a chicken foot. Yes I know they're gross, Hugo.

Update III: Albert's assertion that Hugo is "committed to seeking advocacy from all directions" reminds me of Stephen Leacock: "Lord Ronald said nothing; he flung himself from the room, flung himself upon his horse, and rode madly off in all directions."

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