Wednesday, February 21, 2007

CU fiddles with dismissal process

As the Ward Churchill brouhaha enters its third year, CU's faculty senate has voted to implement a "shortened dismissal-for-cause timeline and to launch an external audit of CU's faculty grievance processes, including those of the Privilege and Tenure (P&T) Committee," according to the Silver & Gold Record.

The (slightly) streamlined dismissal process "grew out of the work of the advisory committee on tenure-related processes last year -- specifically, the finding by tenure study leader Howell Estes that there is substantial public concern about the amount of time it takes to fire a tenured faculty member," the S & G R said.

The Record outlines all the interesting facts and figures, but doesn't mention the Churchill case--most likely the source of that "substantial public concern." So we still don't know why, if the P&T Committee held Churchill's hearing at the beginning of January, as they did, their report hasn't yet been submitted to CU prexy Hank Brown--if it hasn't (the process is secret).

But no matter what, it's got to happen soon, doesn't it (he asked in a quavering old man's voice)?

Update: "Prexy"? I have beclowned myself.

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