Sunday, February 04, 2007

Go Bears!

Lots of yebs are live-blogging the Super Bowl, so I'll just let it alone, except to say that the pregame show with Gloria Estefan and Cirque de Soleil was putrid multi-culti crap.

Update: Yeeeee, Billy Joel hit a couple of clinkers right off the bat on the Star-mankled Banger. Overall: mega-lousy.


Update III: Two false starts and an interception for the Colts. Goddamnit, I'm not live-blogging this stupid game. I'm going to watch Eric Klinenberg on C-Span's Afterwords discussing his book, Fighting for Air: The Battle to Control America's Media.

Update III (Super Bowl commercial): Blockbuster mouse. Funny.

Update IV (SBc): The king of beers. Sure was the king of me.

Update: Klinenberg is being interviewed by a 12-year-old named Ben Scott, alleged author of the no-doubt riveting The Future of Media: Resistance and Reform in the 21st Century. Content analysis, blah blah. Indy has a couple of first downs now. Maybe Peyto--SCORE! 53 yard pass from Peyton. Son of a bitch. Wow. He almost got taken down, too.

Update VI: Bad reception on the snap, no PAT. Nasty.

Update VII: Ben Scott is a little snotboy. He's pontificating away about how wonderful that conference on media "reform" a couple of weeks ago was--the one where liberal psychotic Bill Moyers proved once again what a senile suck he--Bears fumble, Colts recover at the Bears' 35. COLTS FUMBLE, BEARS RECOVER! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! (It's raining). BEARS TO THE FIVE ON A LONG RUN BY JONES!

Bears stuffed twice at the five. Touchdown! Li'l zipper pass. 14-6 Bars. Sheesh. Nobody could keep this up.

Update: VIII: Anyway, here's the transcript of Bill Moyers'--OHHHHHHH! BEARS FUMBLE AGAIN! PERFECT HIT ON THE BALL! COLTS RECOVER!

Colts at their own 40. End of the 1st quarter.

Update IX: Okay, really, here's Moyers' idiotic and preening (of both himself and his audience) speech to the media conference. Basically, in the midst of the media revolution of all media revolutions (thus far), ol' Bill goes on and on about ownership 'n' fatcats 'n' censorship and right-wing takeovers and how we need the Fairness Doctrine back and blah blah. It's way past time to retire, Bill.

Update X: Bear down. Benson. He's okay. David Spade in the crowd. "Puddy" from Seinfeld too. Yeah. That's right.

Update XI: Okay, one other thing about Moyers' speech. He starts it with a story that's a straight steal from the great Emo Phillips and--Colts down to the Bears' 16--gives no attribution for it. Unbelievable.

And check this out: a liberal blogger chides Moyers for the same thing! He flat stole Emo's joke! Then he ends with a poem or song or whatever, which he may well have written, but again, no attribution. What a--TOUCHDOWN, COLTS! Whoa nellyburgers! 16-14 Colts. Anyway, between stealing a joke and stealing a poem (maybe) Moyers spouts mucho insanity.

Update XII (SBc): Mutts disguised as Budweiser Dalmations! How cute! I want a beer! Maybe I better quit watching the beer commercials.

Meat Loaf (Mr. Loaf to you, as a friend says) for Garmin GPS? Bring on the Bud spots!

Update whatever: Coke associating itself with the Civil Rights Movement. Tasteful.

Update: They've moved on to another book on C-Span: Fade: My Journeys in Multiracial America. Pass. I'll just stick to the Super Bowl now.

Update: Colts fumble again! BEARS RECOVER!

Update: BEARS FUMBLE ON THE NEXT PLAY! What's that, seven turnovers in less than a half? Man. At the half, Viniatieri misses the FG from the--I don't know what yardline. It wasn't a long kick.

HALFTIME. Go to NEW POST. (or don't, I'm just scrawing around).

Update: This post edited a little for the usual reasons--it didn't make any sense and half the links didn't work.

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