Sunday, February 04, 2007

Second half

By the way, my bet was BEARS by two. Things gotta get switched around here.

It is still raining like a bugger. Lots more turnovers?

Update (why not?): Colts at the Bars' 15. (I say "Bars" to sound like Daniel Boone.)

Dungy's challenging something.

Lovie is one hell of a coach, huh?

Dungy loses the challenge, Viniatieri kicks a field goal. 19-14 Colts. Yikes.

Bears haven't touched the ball on offence for almost an hour. Rex completes a pass! Two! Good Rex! Sack! Bad Rex! Another sack! Rex! I'm rolling up the newspaper!

Taco Bell lions? Tooooooo strange, man. Did they, like, eat the chihuahua or something? Hey, where's the bong? (Kidding!)

Long run for Rhodes! Facemask on the Bars! First down Colts at the 10. Sheet.

Out of bounds. Dropped pass. Manning's yelling at his receiver. Field goal good. 22-14.

Back to Book-TV! Quickie interview of Hal somebody or other on FDR's Twelve Apostles. I'm there.

Fed-Ex's commercial is hilarious! Instantly he's bigger than Britney! (Jeez, I'm so clueless I didn't even know there's been a controversy about the commercial or that it's been up on Youtube for a week.)

Rex is almost intercepted on third down. Field goal good! 22-17 Colts.

Colts at the fitty (I can rap, too).

Fiddler crabs?

Peyton is acting kind of frustrated out there. Marvin Harrison gimps off. Colts punt. Ow, replay shows Harrison's leg gets bent ever' which way as he's tackled.

Mooooooose to the 37! Next pass, Indianapolis intercepts Rex! Run in for the TD. Double sheet. Challenge on the play, but an absolutely criminal pass by Rex. Challenge lost, 29-17 Indianapolis. Very, very bad. Still almost 12 minutes left. Bears need to score, he said wisely.

First down Bars on the something or other. Rex intercepted again! Take 'im to the pound!

Nobody is saying a word to Grossman on the sideline. Next season he's gonna be in Decatur playing semi-pro and swamping the floors at Staleys.

Sorry, don't mean to pick on the guy, but he looks completely unnerved. Six minutes left. Bears gotta score now. Going for it on fourth down, as they have to. Nope. Colts at the Bars' 30. First down. Two-minute warning, but the game's over. Fine, fine. I'll just leap lightly off the Bears' bandwagon and equally gracefully on to the Colts'. I'm funny that way.

Pretty entertaining game though, most of the way, and Manning deserved the win. Think I heard somewhere he's 31; the often-enough great John Elway was 37 when he won his first.

Update: Crap, C-Span's showing Sam Harris debating Reza Aslan again. Harris just called the Golden Rule "the best moral algorithm we have." Good. Night.

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