Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hunt for diversity czar begins at CU as legislators call for independent audit of school's diversity programs

An "historic search" to fill the newly created position of "vice chancellor for diversity" (and some other stuff) at the University of Colorado began Monday with the selection of a search committee, according to a CU press release:

University of Colorado at Boulder Chancellor G. P. "Bud" Peterson today announced the formation of a search committee and the chair of the committee to fill the newly created position of vice chancellor for diversity, equity and community engagement for the campus.

"I want the hiring of this position to mark a new era in the history of the University of Colorado at Boulder," said Peterson. "I want this era to be characterized by a seamless approach to diversity wherein it is woven into all we are, all we do and all that we aspire to be," he said.

Here come the struggle sessions!

"With time, we will no longer be able to pinpoint where diversity begins and ends on the campus - it will be as regular a fixture of our work as orientation, finals and graduation," Peterson said.

"We are eager to begin this historic search," said Provost Phil DiStefano. "This new vice chancellor position will participate in policy discussions and work to ensure that
diversity-related issues are key considerations in all budgetary, administrative, academic and governance decisions. It will be a leadership role."

Meanwhile (as journalists say when stuck for a transition) in the Rocky:

The number of legislators calling for a state audit of the University of Colorado's diversity programs has grown to 22.

Sparking the call from the GOP lawmakers are figures released last year by CU showing the Boulder campus spends $21.8 million on programs aimed at minority students.

The legislators say CU has not adequately accounted for the money.

The wingnut white supremacists at the Independence Institute published a report last month that also called for an audit of the university's diversity programs. Fascists.

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Update: Looked for a place to use the word "persyn" in this post. Couldn't find one. Sorry.

Update II: But there's an entertaining discussion of the spelling "wimmin" at the femynyst blog Linguistic Concerns:

I like to honour that movement where I can by using ["wimmin"], because without those wimmin [of the 70s] and their campaigns I would not have received the rights and privileges I have, such as rape crisis centres, a univeristy education, wimmin's rooms, shelters and centres, law that allows for a boyfriend or husband to be charged for raping his girlfriend or wife, acceptance and love of my cunt, the hair on my body, my menstrual cycle, my entire body as myself rather than an object for penile penetration and male vouyerism (to name but a few).

Read the comments, if you're man enough.

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