Thursday, February 15, 2007


For research purposes I read as many of the comments as I could stand on Amanda "Godbag" Marcotte's Pandragon post announcing her "resignation" from the Edwards campaign. There were lots of these: "{{{{hugs}}}}," of course, but I finally found this gem:


I had to explain this to my little girl tonight.

She had such hopes. For you. For John. For the people speaking and making what she called “a difference”.

She doesn’t understand it all, but when I told her you had to resign, she had tears in her eyes. I think part of it was being afraid of the future.

But more than that, I think she really felt betrayed. That sense of abandonment that you might have suffered.

I think she is wounded with you, tonight.

I will hold her, and do my best to comfort her. . . .

--Dave in Texas

*ucking Christofascists.

Update: Dave in Texas?

Update II: Well, Austin maybe.

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