Friday, February 23, 2007

Martyr with a wood rasp

There's a student article about CU ethnic studies instructor Ben Whitmer and his scuzzy Try-Works blog on, "CU's only student voice." Not surprisingly, the piece treats the Try-Works controversy as if it were about academic freedom, and Whitmer's only too happy to go along, mouthing such meaningless moronities as:

"Academic freedom and the right to free speech never existed. They were fantasies. Yeah, you may not always be hauled off to jail for exercising them [no, not always--ed.], but the media will do everything they can to ruin you. They won't bother getting you for what it was you said, they'll just find some trumped-up charge to ruin you with," Whitmer said."Make no mistake, the only difference between it and McCarthyism is the manner of the smear."

Make no mistake, the only difference between Ben Whitmer and Dalton Trumbo is that Trumbo never wished a female newspaper editor had been "fucked with a wood rasp," as the womyn-hating Whitmer fantasized about Westword editor Patty Calhoun. (Hey, there's something he said that he might plausibly be "got" for, huh?) The educator continues:

"There is a duty to speak out about these issues," Whitmer said. "The first duty is to the students, and they deserve all sides of a story. They deserve to be treated with the respect of telling them the truth. They deserve professors who engage them, who challenge the status quo, who care more about making them think than about getting them to regurgitate the same crap they learned to regurgitate in high school."
Oddly, the piece contains no examples of Whitmer's version of the truth, or his peculiar way of telling it, though it does have a URL--no link--to a Pirate Ballerina post the paper says contains "excerpts" from Try-Works. It doesn't.

PB (where I saw the story) has his favorite quote, and so do I, this from the ostentatiously clueless Albert Ramirez, chairman of the ethnic studies department at CU:
When asked about Whitmer's blog, Ramirez said, "Why should it concern me? As I understand it, he didn't use any university resources to do so."
And that, of course, is all that matters.

Update: CU just had idiot Marxist journalism professor and Ward Churchill buttboy Robert Jensen to speak at its annual "diversity summit." PB again has the interesting facts and figures, so I'll just ask the obvious question: are these people 'tards, or what?

Update II: I'm wrong, there's another big difference between Trumbo and Whitmer: Trumbo had talent.

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