Saturday, February 03, 2007

Churchill updaet

His CU faculty page is fancier than it used to be, but Ward STILL can't spell the name of the school he graduated from: it's SangaMON State, you gigantic white turd.

Don't think I'd ever seen the self-portrait before:

Me love me.
(Ward said I could use this picture, swear to God.)

Update: As it turns out, it's NOT a self-portrait of Ward. In fact, it's probably not Ward at all, as alert-type person Mason Oller noticed: "The name of this painting is 'Tears Of An Elder,' painted in 2002, and is available for $255.00 at the site of the woman who painted it. Her name is Susan Stone Salas."

Here's Salas' site. Her name is painted in the hair of the portrait. Gee, given Ward's history of, er, borrowing the art of others, I wonder if he has permission to use it. I'll try to ask her.

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