Sunday, October 15, 2006

A life of adventure

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, I've ten million backbreaking and/or humiliating things to do before breakfast, and I'm sitting here watching Bill O'Reilly at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace (not necessarily in that order) sign his new book (whatever it is) on C-Span2. He didn't give a speech or nothin'.

Update: Now they've got a close-up of O'Reilly's wrinkled old hand. It's signing away while O'Reilly stares around like it's not even attached to him. I think he (O'Reilly) just wants to go home.

Update II (20 minutes later): Isn't the first job of a possessed hand to, you know, kill? Who wants to watch a possessed hand--even Bill O'Reilly's--autograph books? Oh, yeah.

Update III: In case you didn't notice, Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay for The Hand.

Update IV: In case you didn't notice, Bill O'Reilly is a dickhead.

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