Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Voice of Colorado

How did I miss this? From the Denver Post Friday:

For going on seven years, The Post has opened its op-ed pages to an eclectic circle of columnists from across the state, writers who draw on their interests and experiences to tease out some of the most interesting issues of the day.

We call them Colorado Voices, and print two of their columns each week. The Voices are an opinionated lot who come in all shapes and sizes. In the next few months, we'll introduce our final group from the class of 2005-06: Sandra Dorr, who runs writing workshops in Grand Junction; Stephen Terence Gould, a member of the Denver Commission to End Homelessness; Larry Pozner, an irrepressible defense attorney from Denver; and high school student Emily Spearman of Louisville.

Today is our call-out for Voices who would serve in the year ahead.

We hope to hear from you. Or the sister-in-law with a bent for tall tales and small lessons. Or the accountant with a literary bent. Or the blogger next door. If you feel you represent a voice that is often missing from these pages, we invite you to speak up.

Drunkablog a shoo-in

You have to submit two column samples. Let's see. The post immediately below is good. Short, pithy, on-target, with a wry humor aimed squarely at Mr. and Mrs. Middle America. Okay, that's one.

And here's the other! A light-hearted slice o'life that shows how 21st century couples like the D-blogs cope with family, career, and our busy Colorado lifestyles.

Can't miss.

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