Monday, February 13, 2006

Remark regretted

The Drunkablog wishes to withdraw unreservedly a word used to describe the Drunkawife that he, never-to-be-sufficiently-damned toad of Satan that he is, included in the previous post. That word is "mental."

The Drunkawife is not, and has never been, "mental," about mosaics or anything else. She is, rather, "passionately interested."

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, the reason she loves mosaics is that she makes them herself.

This is the Drunkawife's fish. She's really good, isn't she (answer: yes)? But you should have seen the talent it took to hang the damn thing. It may not look that heavy, but it weighs 11,000 pounds (11,000,001 kilos) and the Drunkablog hanged it all by himself. Arty! (Help me Arty! A giant fish has fallen on me!)

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