Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Keep on pushin'

Couple of old magazine ads:

Faster? I'm gonna get my little hammer and bust out my own teef!

An evil clown in an ad for Magnavox televisions. Note how in the 1960s clowns were considered suitable entertainment--even for children.)

(Credits: False teeth from the August 10, 1965 Look; psycho clown from the May 9, 1964 Saturday Evening Post.)

Update: Yes, I'm posting crap because I feel bad for being nasty to the face-transplant lady. I mean, how would it be if Billy Bob ate my face while I was passed out? He would too, no doubt about it. Hell, he's tried to feast on my features when I was fully conscious. And if he actually got me, where would I be? Without a face, that's where! So enough false superiority. I'm just going to move the poor woman down the page as quickly as possible.

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