Friday, February 10, 2006

Another grim milestone

The Drunkablog's one-year blogiversary! Yep, exactly 367 days ago a timorous tyro stuck his tiny pink toe into the 'sphere. He was ignorant, alone, and afraid. But he was plucky.

Much to his surprise (but as is the way among bloggers), he was made to feel welcome. Even the drive-bys eventually stopped, and the Drunkablog began to work toward his revolutionary goals. Outcomes, please:

  • Break a major story.


  • Overtake LGF in readership.

    Done. (Evidence to be posted.)

  • Prove he "ain't no dumb guy." This was difficult, but with lyrical yet hard-hitting writing and intelligent photography, the Drunkablog demanicheanized the blogosphere-wide assumption that he was a moron.

  • Write insightful movie and book reviews.

  • Done. Here, for example, is his treatise on 2004's Alien v. Predator.

  • Become a devil with the ladies.

    Done. (Evidence to be posted.)

  • Have Glenn Reynolds "heh" one of his posts.

  • Who?

  • Make fun of Native Americans like Ward Churchill.


  • Entertain the most discriminating readers on the 'net.


    (Credits: Woman saying you are boring in ASL from the remarkable American Sign Language Browser at Michigan State University; disgusting toenails from the not-quite-as-remarkable Toenail; sheet music for "Plucky Lindy" (who I bet never had toenail fungus) from Sonny Watson's; "Native American" Don Diamond ("Chief Crazy Cat" on F-Troop) from Don and Marla's Collections.)
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