Saturday, February 04, 2006

Did the word "stickie" exist in 1963?

Haven't posted Billy Bob-related photolios in a while. Here's one taken just Wednesday:

It's dashed difficult to throw a frisbee and then focus and shoot a digital camera at something as fast as my vicious brainless-zombie dog Billy Bob. But every once in a while I git 'im good.

Enough Billy Bob for you?

Feck off!

Okay, here's another of my dumpster-rescued old magazines:

The December 31, 1963, Look.

Five weeks after Kennedy was assassinated, and they didn't redo the cover:

Underneath the stickie it says "Christmas at the White House."

At the time Look had a circulation of "more than 7,400,000," so they probably thought it would be insane to reprint the whole run. But why did they have the magazine ready and printed so long before Christmas? And how did they put on all those stickies? Can you imagine the labor that would take? Or did they rig up a machine? Seems to me there's a thesis in this, and I expect it on my desk first thing Monday morning.

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