Friday, September 08, 2006

Stuff (and nonsense)

The Rocky has a piece on the (remarried) widow and family of 9/11 casualty Christopher Faughnan, a bond trader for Cantor Fitzgerald and therefore, according to Ward Churchill, a you-know-what:

When it became public that CU ethnic studies Professor Ward Churchill had called the 9/11 victims "Little Eichmanns," [Faughnan's brother] Michael wrote an open letter to the professor.

In it he said Christopher was "a compassionate, respectful and generous man."

"Mr. Churchill, my family is not ensconced in an ivory tower. We do not have the luxury that you have of pontificating at arm's length on the causes behind the events of 9/11," he wrote. "The reality of that day has been cemented in my family's life forever."

Good old Ward.

Here's the Post's obituary for Steve Irwin. Only slightly admonitory, and nothing like Germaine Greer's corpse abuse in the Grauniad Tuesday (reaction to which at Tim Blair's proved once and for all that "c*nt" is not a term of endearment.)

A search of the News turns up nothing on Irwin, not even an obituary, but then, the News' search function is often useless.

Not one but two letters to the Post protesting Macy's Department Store's (just opened in Denver) red-star logo:

As a child of 8, I was incarcerated for almost two years in Communist camps patrolled by guards wearing the dreaded red star. My teenage friends, their parents and many at our camp who had attempted to flee communist oppression were shot and killed by armed men wearing the red star. The red star is associated with the deaths of many more human beings than even the Nazis ever had a chance to exterminate. And Macy's uses it as its logo?
Well, yeah. But you still gotta love Miracle on 34th Street, even if it is a little derivative of October.

Update: Macy's star logo stems from a tattoo the original Macy (b. 1822) got as a lad, Wikipedia claims.

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