Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Double- (even triple-) weird

I deleted the post below (on the John Mark Karr cartoon), but it's still there. [Now it's not. Read update IV.] That is, it's gone from my dashboard, but still up on the published blog. Shee-it. I wanted to remove it because the link doesn't work and never will. For some reason Barking Moonbat etc. forbade me permalinkaging privileges--I must have done something, invaded their "space" somehow, but I have no idea how.


Problem is, the cartoon also isn't among Dana Summers' last 14 at the Orlando Sentinel. So where the hell is it? Frustrating.

But I'll just pretend I'm New York mayor Fiorella LaGuardia--who supposedly read the comics over the radio (3rd graf) during a newspaper strike in the 30s--and explain the cartoon to you. It shows two cops outside John Mark Karr's cell. One, gesturing at Karr, says to the other, "He just confessed to killing the 'Crocodile Hunter.'"

Guess ya hadda been there.

Update: Apparently LaGuardia read the funny papers over the radio in 1945 (scroll down to that year).

Update II: Didn't Heliotrope's account of the arty poetry evening make you wish you'd been there? I mean:
Wearing the traditional Statue of Liberty green and very prominent crown, Barbara Elovic began the evening by reading Emma Lazarus's famous "The New Colossus" (1883), the first poem in Heliotrope's Fall 2002 issue. The poem, we
know, is carved into the pedestal of Liberty herself.
Creepy. But who would have wanted to miss "Claudia Carlson's dramatic monologue, 'The Dwarf's Lament' ('We miss our Snow . . .')" . . ? Not you, pal!

Update III: Third oddity: Wikipedia doesn't have an entry for ol' Fiorello.

Update IV: Oh man, now the post this one was all about is gone, and Blogger won't let me take this one down. I'm gonna strangle myself, and then I'm gonna strangle a whole lot of other people. The John Mark Karr cartoon is on the Barking Moonbat site, September 10, and this post is staying up. I like the poetry discussion. Death to Blogspot.

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