Thursday, September 28, 2006

Racist to Denver: Let me help you celebrate Columbus Day!

In a column about Denver's annual Columbus Day Parade/Ward Churchill Memorial Protest, the Post's Al Knight mentions that David Yeagley, the "Comanche patriot," will be in town to support the Columbus-Day folks against the (indigene-supporting) protesters:
The run-up to the parade will also be different. Dr. David Yeagley of Lawton, Okla., a member of the Comanche tribe and an accomplished pianist, composer and lyricist, has requested an opportunity to speak in support of the local celebration.
Yeagley's one of those Ph.Ds who likes to see "Dr." in front of his name. Unfortunately, and as Knight fails to mention, the talented Yeagley is a bigot of the crudest and most race-baiting kind. Knight continues:
Yeagley, in a telephone interview Monday, said he wants to do his part to counterbalance the notion that all Indians take a dim view of the Columbus Day celebrations and the man himself. He said he believes that Columbus is an important part of the American story.

In written comments to the parade committee, Yeagley said, "I want Indians who protest Columbus to re-evaluate the effect of long-term resentments. I want them to weigh the psychological damage that negative thinking has on young people, how it stifles their natural ambitions, their intuitive aspirations. I want Indians instead to lead in American patriotism and to recover the true role in American society of host,
guide and savior."
Sounds pretty sensible to me. So it's hard to believe (but true) that he's also the kind of person who says things like this (pardon the repetition):
WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, desirable creatures on earth, judging from the way dark men crave them.
And on the humongous to boot. So Knight is either incompetent in not knowing about Yeagley's vomitings or corrupt in not divulging them.

Full disclosure: I mentioned Yeagley's racist diatribes recently to a group of maybe five bloggers and one newspaper person. They stared at me like a coven (no, the word's "school," isn't it?) of mackerel and moved on to another topic.

The story wasn't dropped; it was never picked up.

But talk about your ironies: here are two racists (Churchill being the other, of course), one an actual Indian (Churchill being the other, of course), confronting each other from opposite ends of the spectrum, politics-wise, over alleged white racism.

Update: And I'm going to be on the river October 7, the day of the parade. Last year's parade, while fun, was way too decorous for the anarchist rabble, and Knight doesn't actually say Churchill's not going to be there. I'm betting he will be, and all hell will break loose, and I won't get to take pictures and blog about it.

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