Saturday, September 09, 2006

John Mark Karr: Let me plead guilty

I quit listening to radio's JonBenet freaks Caplis and Silverman as soon as the case against John Mark Karr disintegrated. I shouldn't have, but they so quickly become a weariness to my ears. As a result I missed it when the amazingly annoying duo actually broke a story yesterday. This from the Rocky's Charlie Brennan:

John Mark Karr told a Boulder investigator when he was still in Thailand that he would agree to plead guilty to second-degree murder in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

"If you don't let me plead guilty, how will you feel? How will you live with yourself when I kill a little girl?" Karr allegedly said.

That is among numerous details revealed Friday by KHOW- AM (630) radio show hosts Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, from a document they obtained from Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy's office in response to two open-records requests . . . .

Leavin' on a jet plane

The document provided to KHOW by Lacy's office Friday - an affidavit for the search warrant that secured Karr's DNA sample - fell far short of all that Caplis requested. But it did reveal that:

• Karr claimed to have been in Hamilton, Ala., with his wife on Christmas 1996, the day JonBenet was killed. But he stated, "I could have flown on a Learjet to Colorado."

• Karr claimed he arrived at the unusual sum in the Ramsey ransom note, $118,000, by combining $100,000 with what he incorrectly believed to be the age of consent, 18.

• Karr drew a diagram of the exterior and interior of the Ramsey home that was largely accurate, but he put the driveway in the wrong place.

Silverman also has a "Speakout" column in Thursday's Rocky in which the former tepid Lacy supporter (like many, he simply couldn't believe she didn't have some sort of physical evidence) asks the hapless Boulder DA some pointed questions.

Update: Because he used the word "pointed," the D-blog is honor-bound to link to this. It is the way of my people.

Update II: Only $18 for a John Denver boxed set? Damn. Sure wish they hadn't taken away all my credit cards.

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