Tuesday, September 26, 2006


How has the NDT survived for 72 years? I mean, there's no news in it. It's all features and wildly favorable reviews of everything--restaurants, plays, concerts (especially if they're student restaurants, plays or concerts)--in Northwest Denver.

But there are a few interesting items this week, I guess, like:

  • For no particular reason, a picture of the Burnham Hoyt-designed Lake Middle School at Sloan Lake (this is one of mine, though):

  • The paper's new feature, "The New Entrepreneur." This week's new entrepreneur is Bliss Works, which uses a technique called Belief-Shifting to, you know, shift beliefs:
    Belief-Shifting is a powerful new healing technique for correcting errors of the mind stored in the body's energy system. It is an elegantly simple method that replaces life-defeating thinking patterns with life affirming patterns. The process integrates new beliefs in just a matter of minutes!
  • A guest editorial by Sally Spencer-Thomas, "Director of Leadership Development and Behavioral Health at Regis [College]." It's entitled "Learning about suicide helps save lives." I didn't read it. Just how did Sally Spencer-Thomas (SST) become director of both leadership development and behavioral health, anyway? Nepotism, probably.

  • "Crime Beat!" But it sucks. All about not leaving valuables in your car when you park in the neighborhoods around Mile High Stadium. Butt out, coppers.

  • Ooh! Ooh! The "One Sky One World" Peace and Kite-Flying Thingie is coming to Sloan Lake again!

    The event features Kite Village, Sustainable Living Village and Pet Village. Special guest will be John McConnell, Earth Day founder, who at 93 will share his vision of Planet Earth's future . . . .

    [The event] was inspired by Denver kite-maker Jane Parker-Ambrose when she presented a kite to the Soviet Women's Peace Committee in 1985 . . . .

    Sustainable Living Village will feature exhibits and vendors, including information on wind energy credits . . . . Another special guest will be the "Flu Bug" Mascot who will help Colorado Visiting Nurses give flu, pneumonia and diphtheria shots at a cost.

    And I'm gonna be on the river.

  • Tribune Pet of the Week is Ignaz, a "one-eyed pound hound." Ignaz had this to say:
    The last time I was mentioned in the paper, it was in the Police Blotter for snatching away a baseball during a game at Rocky Mountain Park when I escaped from the back seat of the car.
  • Me too!
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