Sunday, September 10, 2006

Snaps on 9/11

Really. Constant commenter Snapple writes about her experience on September 11, 2001 (I've edited some, but not as much as regular readers might think):

They are talking about the anniversary of 9-11. It is very hard for me to think about.

The plane that hit the Pentagon flew by my window at school. I teach in northern Virginia.

We were already watching the buildings burn in NYC, and I heard this plane go by. It didn't sound right, so I went to the window. I couldn 't see it because of trees but I could hear. It sounded like a truck--loud and labored. Usually planes don't sound like that from my room.

The kids said, "Are they going to bomb us, too?" I said no, but we all heard that plane.

Moments later, the TV said that there was a fire at the Pentagon parking lot. Then they said that the Washington Monument had been bombed and that the State Department had been bombed. Everything just went crazy with wrong information.

Then we heard the sirens. People were just running over the bridges in total panic.

On TV, the police were telling people standing outside the Pentagon to run for their lives beause another plane was coming. Then we heard the fighters go up to shoot down that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.

The kids said, "Are they going to shoot down that plane?" I said I think they are.

My son was in NYC and we couldn't find him for hours. He was 22. His girlfriend was stuck in the train and her building in the World Financial Center was badly damaged. Her roommate was literally walking into the WTC when the first plane hit.

She saw all the bodies coming out of the building. And people jumping . . . .

It was a horrible year. [Here Snaps mentions the 2001 anthrax scare and DC snipers John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.] I was so scared when I stayed late working that I had to bring in Beanie Babies to sit on my computer and keep me company.

That's it. One person's slice o' history.

Update: Just for the record, my slice o' history that day was: I got drunk. That's what I did every day back then. Yep. His-toe-ree.

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