Sunday, March 19, 2006

Darndest things

There's been a post or two here about "cute" things high school kids have written. Here are a few more, from a survey of kids who have had problems with, yes, "acting out" in school and been through a re-Neducation program.

One of the survey questions asked what sort of teacher the kid thought might be best for him or her (questions, but not answers, are paraphrased). One young scholar answered, "Teachers that don't act up with me." Another wrote, shyly, "I need teachers to stay out of my face and leave me alone."

Fine, fine

Another question: What is empathy? "When you smash your hand and someone else smashes there's [sic] you know how it feels."

Same sensitive soul, asked why empathy is good: "Yes."

Then there were the "gun" questions (remember, "acting out"), including, Name a circumstance where it would be illegal for a person to own a gun. One teen answered, "If the person is currently enrolled in a mental institution." I'm ready.

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