Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tears jerked?

First on Comcast's webpage now: "The Whole Truth? Search the web for the truth behind these conspiracy theories." Here are a few: "John Wilkes Booth didn't act alone?"; "Robert Kennedy's killer hypnotized?; and (that old chestnut), "Missile hit Pentagon on 9-11?"

I pay Comcast $62.04 a month for cable service, but at least they provide me with something I want. And if I see a better deal, I can dump them. Contrast that with the situation of the poor folks who post and comment at Biased BBC, and spare your tears (if you have them, reader) for them.

Update: Stephen Pollard notes BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day: "Paying taxes is how love operates at a distance." (via, well, duh)

Update II: Speaking of Robert Kennedy's killer, was it Tim Blair the other day who referred to Sirhan Sirhan as "the killer so nice, they named him twice?" No, apparently it wasn't.

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