Monday, March 27, 2006

Enlightenment attained

Going through bills just now, separating the 2006 death threats from the year-end death threats we'll need to do our taxes, I found the bill from Plumbline. You know how it drew my attention? It had a dried cornflake stuck to it--in perfect position to be a divider tab. It was like it wanted to be spotted. Whoa.

Update: When I say a "dried cornflake," I mean, of course, a cornflake that after its initial drying from corn mash into flake form has again, presumably through the instrumentality of milk, become moist, then dried once again, most often to a bowl, but if one is a sloppy eater to a computer, pet, or even (as in this case) a bill. The word "cornflake," it must be acknowledged, already carries the implication of dehydration.

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