Friday, March 31, 2006

Here come the boomers!


Time for another exciting edition of Drunkablog Posts Pictures from an Old Magazine and Blathers.


Youth '66. The whole issue is devoted to the little buggers. Let's start with a few stats from a survey of "more than 550" kids between 13 and 20 Look did for the story:

  • Thirty-three percent believed the U.S. was no longer a democracy.

  • "Most think the war in Vietnam is immoral and unjust, but 66 percent agree that as long as we're there, we should fight to stop the spread of communism." (Uh, what?)

  • "They try to seem well-informed [hey, a primitive form of snark!]. Some 89 percent read the newspaper, most say daily." (In 2005, only 53 percent (scroll down) of the adult population read a daily newspaper; 61 percent on Sundays.

  • "Only 42 percent of the teenagers smoke [it's about 22 percent now]; 74 percent aren't scared by the smoking-cancer link."

  • "Seventy-seven percent go to church or synagogue once a month."

  • "Almost half (49 percent) think that civil-rights and peace demonstrations do not help a cause."

    Quotes from here 'n' there in the issue:

    "Dennis Duffy [no age given]: 'I believe God is a belief, not a "Hello-Reverend-Jones-baby switchboard"'" (Dennis was apparently Look's representative of the teen-age LSD-taking demographic. Oh, and it's "teen-age" and "teen-ager" throughout--still hyphenated.).

    "Betty D.," pregnant 17-year-old currently residing in a "charity maternity hospital for unwed mothers": "I'm not sorry for what's happened, except that it has hurt my parents and all my relatives and everything. We'll get married eventually: when Barbara gives him a divorce."

    "Jean F.," senior cheerleader: "The trouble is that most people don't seem to care about things enough to question them or try to do anything about them. Like Vietnam. . . .The only ones who do seem to care about it are those beardy people."

    Any beardy people in them pockets?: "Mary Layne (in Anechoic Chamber at the Manned Space Center). 'The Space Age? I think it's great. . . .I don't think we'll be taken over by machines.'"

    Who said we would, Mary? Who said we would?

    And we must have a quote from "The Cool Communists":
  • "'Youth is the key to the society," one good observer explained. "A generation is growing up that is different from its parents. This is normal, but it's made more acute because they haven't gone through what the parents have--collectivization, Stalinization, industrialization and the war. These aren't heroic times. . . .[Kids today] don't have the necessary ideological drive."

    Here's an ad. See how she's pointing her finger?

    Here's another ad:

    Creepy in so many ways.

    Update: Shockingly, the Drunkablog screwed up the statistics on current U.S. newspaper readership. Worse, he actually cited two wildly different figures for the same stat (Sunday readership). For this he must be purged as a wrecker. Long live the Soviet Union!

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